Gasifiers TKM

Gasifier modules TCM are offered in two versions: 30 and 100 kW electrical power. Their thermal capacity are 60 and 200 kW. Our gasifiers are excellent with very high degree of purification of the resulting syngas, resulting in minimal impact to the environment. This, together with our technology adaptation of standard industrial diesel engines to work with syngas, makes possible the high degree of utilization of modules that can be operated continuously for a week before the ongoing maintenance. Building greater capacity is achieved by combining several modules in a single installation. For example, 200 kW can be achieved by 7 TKM-30 modules or two TCM-100. We recommend working with more modules, as in this way the operating time of the installation is maximized: even during maintenance or repair, the greater part of the installation continues to produce electricity and heat.

Monitoring and management of each module is automated, the main manual operations are fuel preparation and feed of the fuel, and elimination of the resulting ash. The full automation of the process is possible and recommended for cost optimization.

Each system requires fuel preparation unless you receive external supplies of ready-made fuel. Waste wood must be chipped, pelleted or briquetted. The straw and other solid waste biomass from agriculture must be pelleted or briquetted. For each case a separate project is made to manage the fuel economy.


TKM-30 TKM-100
Electrical Power 30 kW 100 kW
Thermal Power 60 kW 200 kW
Wood Waste Fuel Consumption < 30 kg/h < 100 kg/h
Agriculture Residues Fuel Consumption < 39 kg/h < 130 kg/h
Accepted Humidity < 20% < 20%
Tars After Purification 0.1-0.5 mg/Nm3 0.1-0.5 mg/Nm3
Diesel Engine General Motors General Motors