Tokamak Ltd is a company of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in technology related to the recovery and processing of biomass wastes. Our main goal is to meet the growing demand for solutions for recovery of waste biomass as one of the renewable energy sources with the highest potential in the world. Directions in which we operate are:

  • processing of plant biomass into solid, liquid and/or gaseous fuels, such as pellets, briquettes, synthetic fuels, and artificial gas;
  • production of electricity and/or heat from biomass through generation and co-generation.

Our company works with leading scientists from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Agricultural Research and Reclamation. We are able to perform competent consulting services in these areas, as well as to perform specific tasks related to technological solutions for energy recovery of waste biomass. Our long-term goals are reduction of the energy dependence of our country on imported energy sources and allowing autonomy and energy independence of household users and small  companies through the utilization of local renewable resources.